Information, Terms & FAQ's


Our in-house full-time design team creates pieces as you order them. All pieces are custom cut to order
on-site using CNC routers and typically ship within 4 business days after payment (sooner, if ready).
Items come in a choice of materials; MDF, Birch (solid shapes have this option) or ACM.
Holes may be added in any of the materials for no additional cost.
Stakes may be added to many pieces but is NOT recommended for MDF or Birch that will be used outside. 
ALL SALES ARE FINAL, so please read all descriptions below and ask any questions prior to ordering.


HOURS OF OPERATION:  Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

HOLIDAYS: We close on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas Eve and Day, New Years Day

PLEASE NOTE: WE CLOSE 2 FULL WEEKS EVERY YEAR - the 1st week of July and a week around Christmas
and New Years.

The exact dates each year that we close after Christmas will depend on what days of the week Christmas and
New Years Day fall on. We will announce those exact days months in advance. We close to recover from the
spring/summer rush and the Fall/Christmas rush so that we can clean the warehouse,
restock materials and maintain materials and machinery and further prepare the warehouse (and our bodies!) for the next season. 

We will give you plenty of notice on these closing dates so that you can prepare. 
During those 2 closed weeks, there will be no one to answer emails, calls, or handle 'emergency' orders.

 Type words and names EXACTLY as you want them cut. Regardless of how 'obvious' the spelling/punctuation error may appear, we will NOT make any changes to what you type. Check carefully. Refunds nor exchanges are available for typos made when ordering.

Spelling/punctuation examples: The Smith - The Smiths - The Smith's - The Smiths' - Smith - Smith's - Smiths' - Smith'e - Simth - etc.

In most cases, the font you choose will be for the single monogram letter in the design only and the rest will be as shown in the picture. Read the description for further info (or ask questions) for specific designs. It should be described in detail below the item you are ordering.

When ordering words/names, the case you type in will be the case we create your piece in - upper/ lower/ mixed. (example: Mary - mary - MARY)


We have always prided ourselves in being one of the only (if not THE only) wholesale manufacturer of CUSTOM cutouts. “Wholesale” means ‘bulk’ in the manufacturing community and ‘bulk’ is reserved for ‘like items’, not custom one-of-a-kind designs.  

If you have a request for a custom design, there will be a program fee based on the complexity of the design. That design fee will vary, but as a general rule, you can plan on that being $10 - $25 per design. As always, you will know up front if there is a fee and how much that is before we proof it for you.  Some as us why there is a fee. In order to keep our wholesale prices as low as possible, we are unable to spend hours designing an original design for one time use and sell them at the standard wholesale prices. The programming fee will be for the design and proof. That fee must be paid in advance and is non-refundable, even if your customer does not decide to purchase the cutout. The cutout will be charged as per the normal fees based on material and size.   



 You will find specific shipping information regarding shipping costs, etc on our SHIPPING AND RETURN POLICY 

 DO YOU OFFER LOCAL PICK-UP? Our warehouse is located in Laurel, Mississippi. We are happy to have you come by and pick up your order when it is ready. At checkout, choose 'pick-up' and we will notify you when your order is ready. We do not charge any handling or pick up fees. Our normal business hours are Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm. Most days we have someone in the warehouse before and after those hours, however, please make sure you make arrangements with us to make sure someone is here if you need an earlier or later pickup. 

HOW DO YOU SHIP? Most of the packages are shipped via Fedex or USPS. USPS delivers Monday through Saturday as usual. FedEx delivers to commercial addresses Monday through Friday and to residential addresses Tuesday through Saturday.

Once your pieces are ready, our shipping department dusts off each piece and packages them by hand with extreme care so that they arrive in one piece and ready for you to work your magic.

DO NOT OPEN YOUR PACKAGES WITH A KNIFE OR RAZOR.When you receive your package, please unwrap every piece of cardboard, paper, bubble wrap and other packing materials before throwing it away. We don't want you to throw away any accessories or small pieces. Please note that we are a wood shop with many machines running all day, everyday; regardless of how many times we clean your items while boxing them up, some dust will still be present on some items. This dust will easily brush off with a soft cloth or swiffer duster. While unwrapping your pieces, unwrap slowly with care. Finger prints can be removed from ACM using rubbing alcohol.

WHAT IF I RECEIVE A BROKEN ITEM? If there is a problem with your order, we must be contacted via email within 48 hours of the delivery of your package. Please send us an email with pictures of the item(s) and describe the issue. If there is damage to the item(s), make sure you the picture you send shows the damage and include a picture of the box. We will respond as soon as possible with replacement information or other solution. 

 CAN I GET A PROOF OF A DESIGN BEFORE I ORDER? If you need a proof of a design prior to us cutting it, please email and let us know. We have a 'master proof file' that has a proof of most common frames with each letter of the alphabet and a last name. We encourage you to use those proofs to show your customer what a 'FRAME 7 - J - JOHNSON' (for example) will look like. Even if your customer is wanting the name "JONES", it will look the same, just have the different name in the center. This will keep your order processing on track and ready to ship as soon as possible without waiting on approvals. If it is an unusual, custom or other type request, please know that waiting for an approval on a proof could add a delay to your shipping time. We understand some customers' desire to see a design prior to ordering and the master proofs will not work for everyone. Please don't hesitate to let us know how we can help you.


HOW ARE SIZES MEASURED? All items are measured across the widest point either vertically or horizontally.  For example: words are measured left to right; a 22” football will be 22” WIDE while a 22” cross will be 22” TALL.

HOW SMALL CAN I ORDER? Each product has a drop down box that gives you the options available for that particular design. The smaller a piece is ordered, the less "crisp" the details will be. The minimum and maximum sizes shown on the product pages are different depending on the shape, amount of detail, etc. If you need a piece smaller or larger than the drop down box allows you to order, please contact us. We can discuss your options or design alterations needed to meet your needs.

CAN I GET A LARGER PIECE THAN OFFERED IN THE DROP DOWN BOX ON THE PRODUCT PAGE? If you are interested in a piece larger than what is shown in the drop down box, please contact us. Items larger than 26"x26" square/round or 36"x26" rectangle/oval will require a different shipping rate as they will be considered an "oversized shipment" by the shipping carrier. Oversize pieces are not covered under our 'flat rate' shipping cost. We will be happy to discuss all options with you on larger items. If you are picking up your order, shipping issues will not be a factor.


MDF (“WOOD”) -   MDF items are built using ¼” superior quality cabinet grade medium density fiberboard and come unfinished, sanded smooth and ready to paint.  Our MDF has a smooth surface that is perfect for many finishing techniques. We recommend using an acrylic paint after priming the surface and finishing both sides and all edges with a sealer once painted to protect your design. We realize many crafters have their own technique preference regarding paint type, brush types, whether to use primer and/or sealer, etc. (Examples of those preferences may be: water or oil based paint, spray paint, whether or not to prime and/or seal, waxing, antiquing, sponge brushing, finishing the back, staining, etc.) Our recommendations are only suggestions. There are many other options and techniques that will work just as well or better.  

 MDF is a great option for many craft projects such as doorhangers, wall art, cake toppers, ornaments, mirror charms, frames, etc.  MDF items are NOT intended for direct weather exposure but do well hanging under a porch and out of direct contact with the elements.  MDF should NOT be used as yard stakes.

BIRCH -We use Russian and/or Baltic Birch. We offer birch in all solid shapes. It comes to you sanded smooth and ready to paint/stain. Please see the picture in the product pages to see the difference in the grain you could receive. Some pieces may have a heavier wood grain than others, but all pieces will give you a beautiful wood grain finish when stained. As far as finishing, we have the same recommendations as above on the MDF.

ACM (“METAL”) - ACM is a unique, lightweight material that is ⅛” thick with a dense black acrylic-type composite core and a thin layer of colored aluminum on both sides. ACM comes ready to display in your choice of 11 colors: BLACK, WHITE, RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE, IVORY, BRUSHED SILVER/BRUSHED GOLD, SPARKLE BRONZE AND MATTE/SMOOTH SILVER. Please refer to color charts for sample colors.

 ACM is perfectly suited to display outside in any weather including rain, snow, sunshine, etc. It is not a typical heavy weight metal like iron. ACM will not rust or warp when exposed to harsh elements and will not fade for many years to come. If you are going to display it on a garden flag pole (also available on our site), we recommend using a 12” or 14” design. Smaller designs may not be as proportionate to the pole size; larger designs may become too heavy to display level on your garden pole. We recommend hanging the design on the pole with chain or twine. We also have chain available to purchase in different lengths.

ACM can be hung the same way you would hang an MDF doorhanger. Because it is lightweight, it can also be hung on a wall using finishing nails or heavy duty double sided tape such as 3M or Scotch double-sided mounting tape.  It is perfect for display inside or outside as a doorhanger, nursery wall art, garden flags or stakes,  car tag, mirror charm, cake topper and many other ways. It is also a perfect platform for vinyl cutouts.

 ACM comes in 11 different colors ready to display; however, it can also be painted. We will be happy to send you a specification sheet from the manufacturer showing their recommended techniques for different types of paints and/or adhesives. We recommend using a high quality spray paint such as Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover, Krylon Maxx or Rustoleum Universal.  With these we find that only two light coats are needed for a full, smooth durable coverage that is  least likely to fade in sunlight and have the least amount of ‘splatter’ from the spray nozzle. For prepping to paint, we recommend cleaning the surface with 100% rubbing alcohol; let the surface dry completely; spray two light coats evenly across the surface; then let the paint cure. Any painters tape can be used to tape off sections if using multiple colors or finishes.  A glitter finish can be added directly to the ACM or over a painted surface. We recommend using Krylon Glitter Blast or Rustoleum Glitter Spray. These brands are our recommendations from experience; however, some crafters may have their own preferences and/or techniques.

EXTERIA MDF: This is a waterproof MDF that is 1/2" thick and completely waterproof. This material is able to be used outdoors in all weather elements for years with or without any sealant on the material. This is a popular option for holiday decorations and other yard art that will be exposed to the elements. It is quite a bit heavier than the standard MDF used for doorhangers. If painting, we recommend an exterior primer and exterior enamel paint. As far as sealing after painting, we recommend going by the manufacturer's recommendations based off the paint you use. The material does not need any seal.


 HOLES: We will add hole(s) to your item at no additional cost. When ordering:

  • Select “none” to have no hanging holes added

  • Select “single hole” to add one single hanging hole at the top center of your piece. If you select ‘single’ for a shape that cannot have a hole added in the center, we will default to adding two holes. If you are unsure to whether this will work for your project, please select ‘none’ so that you can add the hole yourself. Example: Frame 1 (Antlers) would not be able to have a center hole so it would default to adding one hole in either side.  

  • Select “two holes” to have one hole placed on either side of your piece. These holes may not be even due to the design; however, they are placed to allow your hanger to hang level.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Holes are added where best suited for the piece to hang level. If you are unsure about the hole placement, please mark ‘none’ so that you can add hole(s) yourself where they work best for your project. We are not able to take custom requests for hole placement. Holes are added at no charge as a convenience to our customers. If for some reason holes are left off your piece, we certainly apologize for that inconvenience, but we will not replace your piece due to that omission.

GARDEN STAKES: Stakes can be added as an option for ACM pieces or MDF not used outside. Stakes for outside allow displaying a piece in a garden, potted plant or other loose soil. To display in compact soil, a hole must be pre-dug prior to putting the stakes in the ground. DO NOT hammer, step on, force or jab stakes into the ground, they will break. Properly installed, stakes will allow display of your decor outside in the full elements for years. Stakes are not designed to display large, oversized or heavy signs. Please be mindful of the display surroundings; although sturdy and well made, they will likely not survive falling branches, stray kick balls, or other items that could impact your beautiful display. If you request stakes to be added to MDF, please know that we do NOT recommend this and do NOT recommend that it be used outside as it is not an exterior material


We do not offer cancellations, refunds, returns or exchanges. The products are built specifically for you according to what you order. Please see more specific and detailed information on our SHIPPING AND RETURN POLICY page.


You will find specific shipping information regarding turn around time, costs, etc on our SHIPPING AND RETURN POLICY page.